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PV Solar Panels are A Great way To Keep Your Batteries Topped Up For Free Using The Power Of The Sun And Solar Panels. 
Fixed Solar Panel Kits

Fixed Solar Panel Kits

A Range Of Fixed Solar Panels And Complete Kits Ranging From 60 watt To 130 watt. The complete kits Come With Every Thing That Is  Needed To Get Started Using Free Solar Power From The Sun

Manually Adjustable Solar Kits

A manually adjustable solar panel kit allows you to follow the sun throughout the day. The complete kits Come With Every Thing That Is  Needed To Get Started Using Free Solar Power From The Sun

Fully Automatic Solar Kits

The oyster Sun Mover is an intelligent 75 watt solar panel, the GPS-controlled solar system which automatically tracks the sun’s path and optimises the suns power throughout  the entire day

Battery to Battery Chargers with Solar Panel Regulators


Combine the vehicle alternator with a solar panel to give the best charging results. Batteries charge when driving from the vehicle charging system and automaticly switchers when parked to use the solar panel

Solar Panel Product Range

From £349.99

From £499.99

From £2150.00

From £209.99

Manually Adjustable Solar Kits Fully Automatic Solar Panel Kits Ctec battery Charger with Solar Panel Regulator Input

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News Feeds From The Solar Industries

Using solar panels for caravans and motorhomes is fast becoming the de facto replacement for expensive, environmentally unfriendly generators. Historically, electricity has been stored in a deep cycle leisure battery (or bank of batteries), being charged whilst the motorhome engine is running, by using a diesel generator or by plugging into the mains at home or in a caravan park. With energy costs rising to all-time highs and wider awareness of the environmental impact of power generation, many people are turning to solar panels to power their recreational vehicles.

Solar panels offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to the power problem for caravan and motorhome owners, but the solar industry has often 'over-sold' solar energy as a panacea, as a solution to every problem. Unfortunately, whilst solar energy is a great energy resource, it has its limitations and it is very important that we use the right solar panels for the job. We also need to accept that we may not be able to power every electrical device at all times with only solar power. So long as we are realistic about what we can and can't do, solar panels are simple to install and offer a raft of benefits.

So, you've decided that you would like to install solar panels on your motorhome or caravan...what next? The first thing to do is to work out what size panel(s) you need. To do this, we need to add up all of the electricity we will probably use over a 24-hour period. Typically, solar panels for motorhomes need to produce 1.5-2.0kWh